In Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood and all of Middle Tennessee we get straight-line winds during storm season. Sometimes these winds cause limbs to snap, and in the worst cases, an entire tree will fall over sometimes causing property damage or bodily injury.

An experienced tree trimming company like Lucas Tree Care can help you. You may not need to remove your tree completely - in many cases, that's not the best solution. In fact, many companies like to 'top trees'.

The ISA Arborist Manual states that Tree Topping does not solve this problem, and costs you up to 7x more than doing this correctly the first time, and can also starve a tree to death. If your tree company is telling you to top your trees you need to fire them!

Topping causes:

  1. Starvation
  2. Invites insects, disease, insects and rot
  3. Excess expense
  4. Trees grow 3 times faster to try to replace what is lost (survival mechanism that harms the tree)
  5. Dangerous situations because the tree rots below the cut, which becomes new dangerous because of weakening of the wood.
  6. Ugly trees

By trimming out some weight and removing dead limbs, proper airflow allows for the winds to pass right through. Wind and excess weight are the enemy of trees.

Clustering, and limb imbalance can be fixed. Reach out to an experienced company to have this done. Call Lucas Tree Care today to avoid problems in the future.

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